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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for moles in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

Moles tend to be more active between autumn and spring when mole hills can be seen popping up in gardens and parkland. Young moles are born in early summer and are ready to venture out to find their own territory by late summer. A moles can run through its existing tunnels is around 80 ft. per minute.

Case Study


We received a call from a gentleman who lives in a converted barn on the edge of a village which is surrounded by fields. He went on to tell us that several molehills had appeared in the middle of his beautiful lawn overnight and he was obviously very annoyed.


Over the telephone we explained how we use traditional methods to control moles as they are the most effective and the mole currently excavating his lawn would not be a problem for us to remove. We were a little surprised however, when he said that he wanted to try and get rid of the mole himself. He was very proud of his lawn and this was obviously personal!

About a week later we had another call from the same gentleman only this time he was really cross. He went on to explain how he had tried pouring Jeyes Fluid and other household chemicals over the molehills and even tried shooting at the ground without success. All he had done was encourage the mole to dig faster and cause even more damage to his lawn.


An urgent visit was arranged and we quickly surveyed the situation. The mole had indeed been very busy and we wasted no time in getting to work. As members of the British Traditional Molecatchers Register we are skilled in the art of mole control and knew exactly where to set our traps. We reassured our customer that his troubles would soon be over and arranged to visit again in a couple of days. Later that afternoon we had another call from the gentleman and this time he excitedly told us that one of the traps had been set off and he thought we may have got the mole. Sure enough we had caught his mole and in record time as well.


Applying our specialist knowledge and experience means we can always deliver a fast and effective solution to any pest problem.

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