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Intelligent Pest Control are the experts when it comes to ensuring your premises are protected from the costly damage feral pigeons can cause. They are able to provide a complete solution for feral pigeon pest control, including anti bird netting and spikes to stop them landing on your building and specialist cleaning services to remove their droppings which are hazardous to health.

We have more than 10 years experience of working with clients all over the UK to design and install unique and effective solutions for their businesses so you can trust them to have the right solution for your business.

Case Study


We received a call from a lady who had been recommended to us by her daughter. She explained that her boss owned a property off of the London Road and the tenants were complaining that bugs were literally falling from the ceiling. Of course she wanted to know if there was anything we could do so we got over there as fast as we could.


Speaking with the tenants revealed how they had recently begun to notice a lot of beetles on the upper floor so we began our survey there. On our inspection we found a number of Yellow Mealworm Beetle, a pest commonly found wherever there are feral pigeons as they often live and breeds in their droppings. This was puzzling as we wouldn’t normally expect to find feral pigeons in a domestic property so we decided to inspect the attic. As we lifted the hatch to enter there was a flurry of activity from above as we disturbed some of the many pigeons which had taken up residence there. Before we could re-enter the attic we put on our protective clothing and respirators so we could get a proper look at what was going on. There were about 50 pigeons in the attic and the entire floor area was several inches deep with droppings.


This was obviously the source of the bug problem and a major health hazard to the tenants living in the house so we needed to get a solution fast. We started by evicting the pigeons and sealing the roof where a tile had slipped to stop them getting back in. Once the pigeons were out we could start the massive cleanup operation to remove the years of accumulated droppings.

There are no easy ways to remove pigeon droppings from an attic so we began the mammoth task of bagging all the pigeon waste to be collected and disposed of properly. Once all of the droppings were gone we treated the attic with a biocide and an insecticide to neutralise any harmful organisms and kill any bugs which remained. The final job was to install new insulation and in only two days the attic was as good as new again.


Correctly identifying the pest and understanding their biology helped us to solve a much bigger problem for this landlord when just treating the bugs would not have been enough.

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