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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for fleas in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

A fleas lifecycle can take up to two years to complete. A single female may produce 800-1000 eggs during her lifetime laying eggs in batches of four to eight after each blood meal. The larvae thrive in dark, humid places such as animal bedding, carpet fluff and soft furnishings and feed on organic matter and adult flea excrement.

Case Study


We received an enquiry through our web site from a company in Beeston whose staff were complaining about being bitten. We quickly followed up the enquiry with a telephone call and arrange to meet with the owner so we could survey the situation and sort out the problem for her.


We have to be careful when we mention biting insects in an office full of people as everyone suddenly starts to itch. We spoke with the owner of the business and she explained that one of her staff members had told her that her cat had a problem with fleas. Cat fleas do not live on humans but they will feed on their blood and can be carried around easily on clothing and this is probably how they were transported into the office. Several people in the office were now complaining about being bitten and this was distracting them from their work.


We decided the best way to get rid of the fleas would be to carry out two spray treatments a week apart after all of the staff had gone home for the night. By leaving a one week interval between the treatments we knew that any fleas which hatched after the first spray would not escape our insecticide and we reassured our customer the problem would soon be sorted. To help prevent the problem reoccurring we recommended the owner of the cat sought a suitable flea treatment for her pet and offered to carry out a survey at her home.


We were able to respond quickly and recommend the right treatment to get rid of the fleas without causing further disruption to staff.

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