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Deer numbers have been on the increase across the country for many years and it is estimated that there could be as many as 2 million deer in the UK at present. An exact assessment is difficult as deer are very secretive animals and their success can be attributed to a number of factors including milder winters and the planting of winter crops, increased woodland cover and escapes from parks and farms. Deer are not just restricted to the countryside and it is now increasingly common to find them in suburban and urban areas.

Deer Chewed Sappling Damage

Despite the best efforts of deer managers and stalkers their numbers continue to raise and unfortunately this can cause serious problems for farmers and land owners as the deer feed on agricultural crops and cause costly damage to forestry.

The growing deer population is also responsible for a increase in the number of traffic collisions, according to the AA, more than 42,000 deer are killed on our roads each year and with more than 400 vehicle occupants also injured annually they represent a significant hazard to motorists.

Deer Near Misses in the UK

There are six species of deer which live in this UK, the Red and Roe deer are the only two native species, Fallow deer were introduced by the romans around the 11th Century and now considered part of our natural heritage. The remaining three species, Sika, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer have all escaped from captive herds within the last 150 years. It is because deer have no natural predators in the UK that the role of human control is vitally important in managing populations.

What our Deer Management Team Offer

Trained and certified as professional deer managers, Intelligent Pest Control are able to offer a comprehensive deer management service tailored to our clients exact requirements. Using the latest infra-red and thermal imaging technology we are able to carry out a thorough assessment of the deer population before agreeing a suitable management plan capable of achieving the objectives of the land owner/manager.

Deer Causing Danger on Road

Intelligent Pest Control have a wealth of experience managing deer in all environments from the open hills and forestry plantations of Scotland to farmland and woodland of the South of England.

We offer deer management services nationwide and our trained hunter status qualifies us to inspect and certify venison as fit to enter the human food chain. The production of high quality meat for the table means that in many cases we are able to offer our deer management services free of charge.

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