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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective bed bug pest control service in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

Bedbugs live close to their host hiding in cracks and crevices around the bed. They emerge at night to take a blood feed from the person sleeping there. A female bed bug is able to lay two hundred eggs in her life time and as the young bed bugs hatch out they immediately seek a blood feed.

Case Study


We had a call from a young man who was staying with his grandmother at her flat in Leicester. He explained that his grandmother had recently returned from a three month trip overseas and how she thought she was getting bitten by insects whilst sleeping. He also told us how he was being bitten in the spare room so was sleeping on the sofa to escape. Before calling us he had done some research on the internet and he thought that bedbugs were responsible for the bites and he wanted us to get rid of them.


Our first priority was to inspect the property to be sure we were dealing with a bedbug infestation so we started our inspection in the main bedroom. Carefully checking around the folds in the mattress we found several adult and immature bedbugs hiding in the creases so we knew what was causing the problem. We examined the bed in the spare room and found bedbugs there and also in the lounge so it was clear the problem had spread through the flat. Bedbugs are a human parasite and always live close to their human host but this means they.


The flat was due to be decorated and this meant the grandma had already arranged to go and stay with friends, we asked that any luggage or clothing she was planning to take were checked and washed to ensure she did not take any bedbugs with her. We also asked that any clothing and bedding which was remaining was washed to ensure it was free from bedbugs. We visit the flat on three occasions when the grandson would be able to let us in and carried out comprehensive treatments to rid the flat of these nasty little parasites.


After just three visits we were able to rid this elderly lady’s flat of these rather unpleasant visitor which allowed her grandson to concentrate on the decorating.

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