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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for squirrels in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

Grey squirrels are a non-native species introduced from North America in the early 20th Century. Squirrels often invade buildings and will gnaw on wires and roof timbers causing costly damage and posing a serious risk to the inhabitants. In ideal conditions a grey squirrel can live for up to ten years.

Case Study


In early spring we had a call from a young couple in Leicester who told us about some strange noises they had been hearing in their attic. They were concerned about what might be going on but confessed that they had not been brave enough to venture into the attic themselves. We assured them we would soon sort the problem out and headed straight over to see what was going on.


On arrival at the house we met the couple who told us what had been going on then we made our way into the attic. In the attic we found roof joists which had been gnawed, electric wires stripped bare of insulation and Christmas decorations spread all over the place. This was without a doubt the work of a Grey Squirrel as they can be very destructive once inside people’s homes. We get lots of call-outs each year to deal with squirrels but this was definitely the worst damage we had ever seen.


We decided this was most probably the work of more than one squirrel and the best way to get rid of them would be to set special traps in the attic and make daily visits to inspect and empty them. We have great success at controlling squirrels and often get called in when other companies have failed. To ensure the treatment was effective we visited every day for a week and arranged our visits around our customers work commitments.


At the end of the week we had removed a total of five squirrels from the attic.

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