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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for mice in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

Mice are very good at adapting to suite their surroundings and considered to be a major pest as they spoil large amounts of stored food and spread disease. A female mouse can have as many as eight litters per year with up to 16 young at a time.

Case Study


Intelligent Pest Control solves all kinds of pest problems so when the phone rings we never know quite what to expect. We had a call recently from a Leicester man and the first thing he said to us was “I would have called you earlier but…”


Whilst describing the problem over the phone, he explained how he had found some mouse droppings in his airing cupboard about a month ago and thought he would soon sort it out with a couple of mousetraps. He had been quite successful as he had caught almost twenty mice so he couldn’t understand why the problem had spread throughout his house.


We arranged to visit the same day and began a thorough survey of the property to find where the mice were living and most importantly, how they were getting in. Mice are able to squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and we found a hole in the brickwork where a pipe used to pass through the wall. There were signs that mice had been entering here so we quickly sealed the hole to stop any more getting in. After making sure the mice had no other way of getting in we began an intensive treatment to get rid of the ones left in the house. To ensure the treatment was effective we made two further visits and in no time at all the mice were gone.


Just treating the problem wasn’t enough as more and more mice kept getting in. Using our knowledge and experience we were able to solve this mouse problem by eliminating with the source of the infestation.

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