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Intelligent Pest Control offer a prompt and effective pest control service for cockroaches in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

The German cockroach produces more eggs and more offspring per year than any other cockroach, and only a few are needed to develop into a sizeable infestation. Cockroaches hide during the day and emerge at night to forage for food. A Female cockroach only needs to be impregnated once to be able to produce eggs and young for the rest of her life.

Case Study


We had a call from a guy who was a tenant in a converted house of five bedsits. The tenants had recently discovered what they thought might be cockroaches in the kitchen and he called us in to investigate the problem and get rid of the pests.


When we arrived and we carried out a thorough inspection of the kitchen and found German cockroaches hiding in every nook and cranny. We found lots of them living in the cooker and around the fridge motor as these are often the warmest areas in the kitchen but we were concerned they may have spread to other parts of the house. Controlling cockroaches effectively depends on finding and treating all of the areas where they are living so we continued our inspection of the property. German cockroaches love warm conditions and they will usually travel along heating and water pipes to other areas. Once we had identified all of the areas where the cockroaches were living we explained how we were going to get rid of them and what the tenants could do to help.


Our treatment plan consisted of three visits using a combination of different insecticides to quickly and safely get rid of the cockroaches. On the first visit we applied insect bait close to areas where the cockroaches were living and targeted spray treatments to the areas where they were hiding. A week later we returned to carry out the second treatment and found lots of dead cockroaches in the areas we had treated previously. As we repeated the procedure of baiting and spraying we found no signs of any cockroaches left alive and no reports of sightings from the tenants. A final visit was made two weeks later and all of the insect monitors we had put in place showed us that the cockroaches were gone and the tenants in the house were very relieved.


Requesting a free survey sooner rather than later allowed Intelligent Pest Control to correctly identify and treat the cockroaches before the problem got out of hand.

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