Pigeon Control Recognition

Intelligent Pest Control have recently undertaken work at Jarrom Street Church in Leicester, the church has for many years had problems with pigeons roosting and impacting on worshippers and visitors, the church have undertaken several measures through other service providers, however none have been able to eradicate the problem.

That was until they called in the “Superheroes of Pest Control”, Matthew Pitcher, Director of Intelligent Pest Control said “the recognition we have received is very kind, we took on the work confident we could resolve the problem and that has been the case, we specialise in treating pigeon problems across Leicester & Leicestershire and this is one of the many successful contracts that we have completed.”

Read the recognition and testimonial below from Canon Barry Naylor:

“For several years St Andrew’s Church, Jarrom Street had been having problems with pigeons roosting, and nesting, in the exposed porchway. This created an unpleasant mess in the entrance to the church and no matter how frequently it was cleaned and attempts made to remove the pigeons, they and their mess always returned. We tried to erect netting ourselves but the pigeons gained access and the problem persisted. We approached Intelligent Pest Control and they visited promptly and suggested a professional solution at a reasonable price. The church was happy to accept their estimate and they came speedily, worked efficiently, supportively and effectively. The pigeons have been kept at bay and we are no longer embarrassed by worshippers and visitors having to pass through pigeon droppings to enter the church. I happily recommend them and commend their work.”